Barrier Free Living

Project Description:

The UX research project aimed to support Barrier Free Living (BFL), a leading non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities who suffer from domestic violence in NYC. The goal of the project was to achieve BFL's first fundraising goal in 2020 through content optimization.

The project team conducted research and evaluation to come up with a final content strategy proposal. The research included a deep dive into the current website content, as well as interviews with BFL staff and volunteers. The evaluation focused on identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement in the current content strategy.

Based on the research and evaluation, the project team developed a content strategy proposal that included recommendations for optimizing the website's donation page, enhancing storytelling through video and social media, and improving the accessibility and readability of the content.

The application of the final content strategy proposal aimed to increase user engagement, donations, and overall awareness of BFL's mission.

Project documentation

Project slides

Copy of Final slide _free living.pdf

Project report

Content strategy research free living.pdf