Project description: 

Trackimo is an intelligent, 3G GPS-GSM tiny device allows you to see on your mobile phone exactly every move and where your precious things are with automatic alerts as needed. Trackimo’s location is accessible through any computer or mobile device from any spot in the world. Trackimo 3G GPS Tracker includes a SIM card loaded with 1 year international worldwide cellular service. Device works out of the box, is easy to use, so you will have it up and running within minutes.

Scope of research: usage and attitudes

This research effort is meant to focus primarily on user attitudes and product usage,

to inform how Trackimo can improve its advertising and marketing messaging, to

help its distributors be successful. The product has been well received in trade

shows, but is moving slowly at the retail level, and this preliminary study is

intended to improve retail sales by informing a more impactful Trackimo corporate

communications plan.

The original request focused on determining the most attractive verticals. This has

been accomplished, by discovering the real-world range of intended and actual use


Sources of data used in this study

The study is based on two types of data:

 A meta-analysis of online product reviews and forum commentary,

summarized in both qualitative and quantitative terms

 A direct survey of the general Amazon mTurk1 community, with more

quantifiable results

The product review and forum sources are less readily quantifiable than the mTurk

survey responses. These reviews take the form of remarks and ratings from real

users of Trackimo and Trackimo’s direct competitors. Applying a disciplined

quantification method to these remarks gives us new and important insights into

the ways people are using our product and its substitutes.

The mTurk survey was built to assess preferred use cases for the product, but the

respondents were not filtered for product ownership. For this reason, its results are

interesting, but they are unlinked to real world usage. This survey was a preliminary

exercise in obtaining first hand structured market data, and it could be refined and

expanded in a future research effort.

One notable find: direct competitor Trax leaves its ZenDesk user forum open and

publicly accessible.2 There are 89 user questions, many with multiple answers. This

study includes a high-level count of keyword frequencies seen in the site, an open

door into the sentiments and use cases of real Trax users.

Market research